Where Can I Find a Good Proxy Service?

by Jenny on February 15, 2013

A proxy service protects your internet browsing activities from marauding hackers and other online threats. Web proxies encode your browsing data. On top of that, you are provided with an unidentified IP address to shake off people trying to trace your activities. In this regard, the best service is that in which the set up process isn’t complicated, has a wide variety of features and comes with user support.

Where Can I Find a Good Proxy Service?With the rate at which internet usage has grown, it means there are numerous platforms through which you can browse the web. If you choose to do so from Wi-Fi providers, you need to ensure that the connection is secure. Otherwise, all your browsing details including passwords, emails and sites you visit will be laid bare. Once your security is compromised, there is no telling what other people can do with such data.

Proxy services work by creating virtual private networks that help scramble data transmitted from your laptop or PC to a server owned by the proxy service provider. From here you are connected to the web pages you desire to visit. All this time, your address remains a secret and the security of your data enhanced.

Just like there are lots of internet service providers, the same applies for proxy service providers. If you want to know approximately how many they are, go to web and do a search. There are hundreds of them. What I’m I driving at? It means you have to search carefully and be specific in what you are looking for. Your internet service provider is an ideal place to start. Inquire from them about the service.

Computer and IT professionals is another resource you can utilize. Ask your IT manager to give you a few referrals. Proxy service providers keep networking with other professionals in the IT sector. They exchange information and ideas. Say for instance you are looking for a divorce lawyer. Where would you go for such advice? Another lawyer of course! This is because they specialize in different fields. If the one you approach is a criminal lawyer, he/she will refer you to a friend or colleague who deals with divorce cases. It is the same with IT people.

You could also check online. Every individual or firm providing internet users with proxy services will put up a website to market the service. Go to the web and type the word proxy service. You will get a list of providers. Select about two to four and obtain more information about them. Other online resources include blogs and reviews. Reviews are particularly useful as there are both positive and negative remarks about different providers. They provide a balanced perspective on top providers for the service.

Good luck in your search for a good proxy service. I personally use the HideMyAss Web proxy service and quite like it. Feel free to give it a try… If you are looking for a way to watch TV from overseas, consider using the HideMyAss VPN service. You could for example watch Australian TV from anywhere, just like if you were actually in Australia.

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