Is A Free VPN Better Than A Web Proxy?

by Jenny on July 11, 2013

The main aim of using a proxy server or VPN is to help in concealing user identity on a network. Today, most VPN providers, apart from the VPN also offer some proxy services; there are many public proxy servers which you can also use free of charge when browsing the Internet. So, the question that lingers in the minds of many people is what difference exists between a VPN and a Web Proxy? Or rather, should I use a VPN or a free proxy (there are also free VPNs) can still suit my preferences and needs?

As much as these two elements perform the same function, there is a degree of disparities between the processes that are involved in each setting. Therefore, the use of either option has its own consequences and benefits.

Web proxy servers

This can refer to a computer or software which acts as an intermediary between the Internet and your computer. Therefore, any traffic which you route through the proxy server will appear as if it is coming from its IP address rather than your computer. Unlike the case for VPN, proxies do not need to devote any resources to the encryption of information; this means that a proxy can accept connections from many users at one time.

Virtual Private Network

On the other hand, VPNs create a tunnel between your PC and the server; Internet traffic goes into and out of the hosting server. In such an arrangement, your ISP or government will only see your connection to the VPN server and no other information. Your Internet activities, sites visited and IP address are all hidden from third parties using a minimum of 128-bit encryption. However, VPN servers keep details when you come online; you should get a VPN provider like HMA Pro! VPN who does not keep logs about your activities on the Internet. As much as VPN is a bit pricey, it is truly worth the convenience.

With a VPN:

- Your Internet activities cannot be spied by governments or ISPs

- You enjoy high levels of encryption

- All your Internet activities are masked

By and large, whichever way you choose to look at this element, you can agree with me that a VPN is superior and useful than a web proxy. It offers improved online anonymity, and goes ahead to protect your whole life on the Internet. In addition to this, you are assured that ISPs will not monitor your activities online and thereby qualifying VPN as an effective way of bypassing ISP interferences. So, if you have been using web proxies, this is a viable option which you ought to go for.

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