Galaxy Note II Review

by Jenny on December 18, 2012

The Galaxy Note II, a Samsung product is the latest gadget in market that no normal human being can avoid admiring. This classy phone is just amazing. It has gone to an extent of beating the famous phones in market from the blackberry to the iPhones.

I have to stress that this cute and magnificent phone has a high quality screen, 5.5 HD super AMOLED. This allows clear vision of all the applications and any other activity you decide to carry out in the phone. Be it being texting, game playing and much more.

As if not enough, Galaxy Note II has uncountable number of applications from games to media player. It proudly uses the Android system 4.1.1. It actively scans traffic for you through setting of appointments. And note that it also reminds promptly of any plans programmed in it. Be sure that you will not get late for any dates and appointments once you own this gadget unless you are a sleep wreck.

One thing in my opinion which is annoying with the Galaxy Note II is the stylus. It is so annoying and wastes way too much time using it. It’s only worth use is to the learners who get to use smart phones for the first time. Otherwise, it should honestly be sold without this time wasting so called help.

The battery is as big as the phone but definitely not the exact size. Anyway, I believe it is efficient but tends to become low if the phone is running so many applications like HideMyAss VPN at one time making the battery useless as it needs frequent recharging.

Galaxy Note II has a very efficient camera that captures very sharp images in brightness and colour. The photos can be enlarged, cropped and even modified just in case one wishes to make them more beautiful.

I cannot forget to mention the large memory space and the fact that it can be Wi-Fi enabled. It is very clear that the Galaxy Note II has pros and cons and it is very evident that the pros carry the day.

Now what? The Galaxy Note II bears everything any smartphone has and much more. I will definitely go for it and I will not regret it even for a single second.

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